Employees At Stationery Supply Created This Huge ‘Game of Thrones’ Paper Dragon

Game of Thrones

Some people are really hyped up for the April 14th premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, the employees of the British office supply company Viking and the paper artist Andy Singleton, built an unbelievable 13 meter (43 foot) freestanding fire-breathing paper dragon which is located in there office. It took them ten days to make the dragon and an additional 10 hours to actually assemble this fire breathing monster. Despite the magnitude of the project, the whole team was very happy with the results, I hope their bosses are happy with this 10 day build too.

Here at Viking, we always try to get creative with our office décor. Whether we’re building office forts, or paying homage to our favourite films, there’s always something going on. Our latest project to inspire staff was our biggest yet – the creation of a whopping 13-metre-long dragon made entirely of paper!

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