Engineer Created This Amazing Halo Rocket Launcher

Halo Rocket Launcher

Jairus of All is the online handle of the engineering brainiac behind this, and it’s definitely in keeping with the theme of his channel. He works on ambitious projects that “utilize hazardous materials and tools that carry a risk of fire, explosion, poisoning, blunt trauma, electrocution, major lacerations, evisceration, or any number of other dangers.”

I also love him for the phrase “Please practice model rocketry responsibly” which appears at the start of the above video, in which he explains the process of building this thing and shows it off against some targets.

This was clearly a passion project, and it shows. Note also that Jarius’s video is very much a highlight reel of the whole build process, and if you’re a rocket aficionado you’ll find a bunch of other, longer videos on his channel showcasing the painstaking work that went into this.


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