Entertainment Opportunities in Singapore


Finding places to be employed in this country is something that people coming from abroad can sometimes find difficult. It’s a new location and everything is different, so it is to be expected that they need a little guidance to get started.

If you’re interested in the concept of potentially living in Singapore, you can receive a free assessment of visa case from One Visa. It’s a place where the chances to succeed are everywhere you look, and that includes work in the entertainment industry.

Digital media and entertainment are on the rise all around the globe. This is particularly the case in Singapore. It’s becoming an incredibly popular place where entertainment companies are coming to establish themselves and grow.

The TV and films being created in the country are getting bigger and better, and they are gaining the attention of a wider spread audience on a worldwide scale. There are tons of options open to you with regards to the entertainment industry.

Why are these options so popular and regularly available nowadays?


The Center For Entertainment

This country has never been shy to opening up for people all around the globe. They’ve had the objective in mind of becoming the central place on earth where opportunity is flourishing. Singapore began to notice the potential of entertainment back in 2012 when that particular sector produced $31.4 billion!

Some huge names, such as HBO Asia, Disney, Fox, Ubisoft, and Lucas Films were all welcomed. Those are some of the big players who generate the most money, but there’s still plenty of room for other companies to make their way.

Since companies like Lucas Films and Disney have based themselves in Singapore, it has led to other major names wanting to use the country as their base of operations when it comes to editing, post-production, and animation.

The entertainment business as a whole is expanding fast! And, that doesn’t just include films and TV programs – Game developers are also getting a foothold in Singapore.

Currently, there are over 7000 companies operating in media and entertainment.


Talented Developers

Due to the ever-growing market, the country is ensuring that they hire top-tier talent to guide the entertainment business. They’re so serious about progressing that the National University of Singapore has created diplomas in games, special effects, and animation.

This gives young people the opportunity to get a degree in something heavily correlated with the entertainment sector. If you combine this with the amount of media companies that are functioning within the country, it shows that there’s a lot of chances available for employment.

There are also other ways of getting into the industry with companies, such as Lucas Films guiding young people who are aspiring to find careers in special effects and animation. Anyone with a keen interest in the film, game, or TV business will give themselves a head-start by basing themselves in Singapore.

By the time we reach 2018, they have an aim of achieving such a large-scale expansion that 10,000 jobs will be created, as well as $10 billion!

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