ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake Stary Details Revealed


Twentieth Century Fox is planning on remaking John Carpenter‘s 1981 cult classic film Escape From New York and it is been in works for a while.

The script for the film was written by Luther creator Neal Cross, and today we have some story details for you from this great upcoming project.

The original followed a war hero/criminal named Snake Plissken who was brought in by the government to save the president of the United States after his plane crashed in New York City, which is a high-security prison in the movie.

There are some details which can be considered as spoiler. So if you think you will remember all the details when movie will come out in few years time, Then you should stop reading now.

Here are the major story points of the film:

  • Snake Plissken’s real name is revealed to Colonel Robert “Snake” Plissken.
  • The main viallin will not be the Duke of New York. The new villain is described as a lean, intensely charismatic playboy named Thomas Newton, an “heir to an agrochemical and biotech corporation. Five years ago, he decided to donate his entire fortune.”
  • The movie will introduce audiences to a female CIA Deputy Executive Director named Roberta Hauk. The role was originally played by Lee Van Cleef.
  • New York City isn’t a maximum security prison! In the reboot, New York is going to be “breathtakingly lovely” city. “Manhattan is the island we know, but with more towering glass structures and a high, undulating glass wall. The sky is alive with drones as serene as bees, and artificial intelligence controls all in the form of an ethnically ambiguous, cheery young woman called April. A small staff of technicians and researchers known as ‘Seers’ monitor all.”
  • It’s described that the world is in chaos. They say that globally, “one in every seventy-five human begins is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum.”
  • There’s a massive hurricane that will play a part in the film that’s called Superstorm Ellery.
  • The whole city will be made vulnerable by April’s security. It’s said that the security won’t be as good as everyone hoped.
  • Snake has only eleven hours to complete his mission. In the original movie, Snake had 22 hours.
  • Newton has a failsafe, which is a device called Fat Boy, which is described as an “ominous, dull metal sphere about the size of a car, in a nest of conduits and cabling.”

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