Essential Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

Android Widgets

You can download a vast number of apps to your Android device, but don’t forget about the useful widgets as well.

Many apps come with fantastic widgets that provide you with essential information without you having to open the apps.

Here are a few of the most essential widgets that you should add to your device’s home screen right now.


Elixir 2

Monitoring your phone’s system will get a lot easier when you download the Elixir 2 widget. This application allows you to manage your whole system right from the home screen, saving you lots of time.

Using the widget, you can get access to data about the battery, memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more, and you can change the settings with ease. So don’t go searching around for your device’s settings, and download this widget instead.


Battery Widget Reborn

A similar widget is Battery Widget Reborn, which will provide you with direct access to your device’s battery information. See simple charts for your battery’s activity, and also get access to a number of shortcuts to the settings so you can change the Wi-Fi settings and more with ease.


Weather Live Free

Having an accurate weather app on your Android app is essential, and this weather app by Apalon Apps gives you everything you need. However, it’s useful widget makes it even better by providing you with at-a-glance weather updates wherever you are.


Google Keep

Taking notes on-the-go can be a challenge, but Google Keep makes it easy. The app is quick and simple to use, and you can also make use of the excellent widget that will allow you to make new notes with a click on your screen without even entering the app.


Calendar Widget

A useful calendar is an essential feature of any smartphone, but a widget makes it even better. The Calendar Widget is a fantastic little tool that you can use to keep track of all your appointments. It has a huge range of customization options, so use it to keep track of your schedule with ease.



Evernote is one of the best apps for taking notes and storing information across your devices, and the Android app is excellent. However, the widget makes it even more convenient to take notes.

Download the widget to your home screen, and you can take any type of note (text, voice, photo) wherever you are without entering the app.


Contacts+ Widget

Managing your contacts is important on any phone, and the Contacts+ Widget makes it easier than ever. Download the widget to get instant access to your contacts without having to open any apps. You can even contact them directly from the widget, whether you want to call them or send them a text.


Try Out These Widgets Today

Whether you want to take notes quickly or get your weather forecast with a single glance at your phone, these widgets can help. So try them out today and see how much more useful they can make using your smartphone.

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