Eva Green in 300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE

Release On August 2nd, 2013.

Eva is looking KickAss in this photo from the God Beating team of 300 this time in the Rise Of An Empire you can imagine the mayhem can be in that movie !

The sequel is being directed by Noam Murro, and the story will have an aquatic setting and follows the Persian king-turned-god Xerxes as he leads an army against Greek forces, who have little training but are under the guidance of the general Themistokles. (The giant battle at the center of this movie is supposed to occur at the same time as the fighting in 300.) The director previously teased the epic size of the sequel saying,

[Rise of an Empire] happens over time in many different locations. The opportunities for the six distinct battles are even greater with different locations and tactics… The few against the many is still here. It’s hundreds vs. hundreds of thousands. It’s about taking on the mightiest power of all with wisdom and tactics.

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