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Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a team game and developers are trying their best to make events that will involve more players and teamwork. Yes, there are a lot of events in Rise Of Kingdoms that you can do solo but events like Kingdoms vs Kingdoms and Ark of Osiris are what make Rise Of Kingdoms special. These 2 events are hard and we will try to explain what they are about but if you need a guide from professional players you can always visit Rise of Kingdoms Guides. They helped us to understand the game and to learn how it works.

Ark of Osiris

It is a game mode where 2 alliances will fight each other on a special map. Each alliance can use 30 members and 15 reserves. So imagine 60 players fighting on the same spot. It is epic for mobile games. There is a high chance that the Ark of Osiris will end up in e-sport.

The map is relatively big and each side has the same amount of buildings and farming spots. Also on mid, you will find a building where ark will be spawned after 8 minutes.

The objective of this game mode is to collect as many points as you can and the team with the most points will win. There are a lot of different methods to earn these points. The first occupation is one method where the team that first captures the building will receive a fixed amount of points. So at the start, your gold must be occupied in as many buildings as you can. The next method is farming. You can find on maps caravan spots where you will send your troops to the farm. When you finish farming your team will get points.

The next one is collecting Points from the holding building. Your alliance must hold buildings so it can generate points. If the enemy team occupies your building you will no longer receive points but you can always take the building back.

Middle ark- In the middle, you will find Ark. There is a chance that most players will send their troops there so they can take it. Now, when you add 60 players with 5 troops each you will get a massive battle. Players tend to go mid because ark gives an insane amount of points.

Rise of Kingdoms

Kingdoms Vs Kingdoms

It is an event where your whole kingdom will work as a team to destroy enemy kingdoms. When KVK starts you will be able to teleport on the special map where KVK will take place. There are a lot of different versions of KVK and Rise Of Kingdoms Guides covering them all. We will just give you an idea of what is going on in KVK.

The point of KVK is to do tasks and quests. One of the quests is that your kingdom controls the middle of the map. This quest will give you insane awards and that is why all players from your kingdoms will work together. Now KVK is hard because there is a chance that other kingdoms will have better commanders, more players, and pay to win players. But the great thing is that developers will match kingdoms that are similar to power.

During KVK you must be careful. Now you are wondering why. if you teleport on the wrong part enemy kingdoms can zero you without problems. Also, KVK is an expensive event where you will need to have a lot of resources and speedups so you can fight. Now, what scares most players is the fact that you can lose your troops when you are defending or rallying buildings but that is what makes KVK so special. Will to work as a team and to lose troops for great rewards. But if your kingdom does not work as a team you will never win KVK. There are a lot of Kingdoms that constantly are looking for new players so join them. They are posting on the official Rise of kingdoms Reddit, Facebook group, and discord.

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