Evercade is a Brand New Handheld for Classic Atari and Namco Games


Meet Evercade it is a new portable gaming machine partnering with publishers of classic games Namco, Atari, Interplay, and Data East to make it simpler to play old games like Bad Dudes, Earthworm Jim, and Yars’ Revenge on the commute.

The new handheld is coming out during Q4 2019. A core version will come with one cartridge and cost just $80. A premium edition will come with three cartridges and cost $100. Other companies have made portables designed for playing old games, but these are often poorly built and depend on built-in or downloaded game ROMs. Evercade’s use of licensed cartridges makes it the best option out there for classic retro games.

The games which are confirmed so far include collections of classic games. Interplay Collection 1, for example, will include BattleChess, Boogerman, Clayfighter, Earthworm Jim, Incantation, and Titan. Evercade is promising that over 100 titles will be available through these collections at launch. Evercade is also talking with indie publishers to bring newer retro-inspired games to the platform.

The machine is portable and easy to play on the go, but it can also connect to a TV via HDMI. The screen on the handheld will be the same size as the one on the PSP.

Retro gaming is becoming significant. Nintendo and Sega have capitalized by building mini-consoles with built-in games. Evercade is using a complex approach. Since it supports cartridges, it could have assistance from new games well past its release. The NES Classic Edition, meanwhile, has 30 built-in games, and that is all you will ever have on the console.

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