Everything You Need to Know About CIVILIZATION VI: RISE AND FALL 


The new Civilization expansion is titled Civilization VI: Rise and Fall and today we have a lot of additional information about the game, including two new civilizations.


There are new World Wonders for the game including Amundsen-Scott Research Station, Casa de Contratación, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Temple of Artemis, Matterhorn, Eye of the Sahara, and Kilwa Kisiwani.

Amundsen-Scott Research Station

This Wonder will give you a bonus to your Science and Production in all cities, extra Great Scientist points per turn, and extra yields in the city it’s built in for Snow Hill tiles. Time to build in the Arctic I guess.

Casa de Contratación

This is an essential Wonder if you’re using Governors. It grants Governor Promotions, Great Merchant Points per turn, and extra Production, Faith, and Gold to any of your cities that have a Governor!

St. Basil’s Cathedral

The city this Wonder is built in will increase it’s religious tourism in double, gain additional food, production, and culture on tundra tiles, plus the Cathedral has additional Relic Slots for even more Tourism output.

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty will provide you with bonus settlers for fast expansion. She’ll also provide bonus Loyalty to nearby cities to keep them from revolting against you.

Taj Mahal

This wonderful piece of art will give you a reward to your Era Score for each Historic Moment you earn during the rest of the game. That gives you a huge chance to get Golden Ages and an even larger shot of getting a Heroic Age if you slip into a Dark Age.

Kilwa Kisiwani

This one is for all you City State lovers out there. You will gain bonus envoys to the City States and a boost to what City States give you while you are their Suzerain.

In addition to World Wonders, we have been told there will be new Natural Wonders as well.


Supply Convoy

Modern Era support unit. It grants +1 Movement to adjacent units. As an upgrade from the Medic, it has an additional +2 movement to get to the action quicker.


Pike & Shot

Renaissance Era anti-cavalry unit. It has strong Melee Strength and upgrades from the Pikeman.


Atomic Era support unit and most essential. It grants extra range to your bombarding units and upgrades from the Observation Balloon. The drone has +1 movement over its previous unit.



Scotland – Robert the Bruce

The Scots will have the Scottish Enlightenment skill which boosts your Science and Production yields in cities that are happy. Campuses and Industrial Zones will also provide more Great Scientist and Great Engineer points. For their unique improvement, we get to hit some balls at the Golf Course. This improvement boosts your Gold, ups your Culture if it’s next to a City Center and/or Entertainment Districts, and provides an Amenity. The Highlander will fight for freedom as the unique unit of the Scots. It replaces the Ranger recon unit and gains bonuses when fighting on hills or in forests. Robert himself has the ability Bannockburn. With this, he can declare a War of Liberation which gives a boost to his units’ movement and a boost to his cities’ production the first few turns.

Georgia – Tamar

The country of Georgia makes their Civilization appearance with the ability Strength in Unity. This gives the second bonus when you get a Golden Age. The Tsikh displaces Renaissance Walls as Georgia’s unique building and they are far less cheap while giving Faith. Georgia’s unique unit it Khevsureti which is great in hill fighting. Not only does it gain a Combat bonus while on hills, it can disregard the movement penalties from the hills as well. The glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith is Tamar’s ability. This longwinded power allows Tamar to gain Faith for the first few turns after announcing a Protectorate War. It also gives her extra Envoys for the City States of her most popular religion.

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