Everything Wrong In Jurassic Park

Universal Sets Date For Jurassic Park 4

Everything Wrong In Jurassic Park (Video)

First to be clear Jurassic Park was a milestone in movies with brilliant actors and amazing CGI and back then things were different like in the old bond movies which we saw today and laugh our butts off but those were the movies which make cinema and movies great and bring us to this era.

So there is nothing wrong with the movie it’s just some people have too much time to see the movie over and over again and find all the mistakes production crew and actors did and those things can happen for variety of reasons.

This is one of those videos which shows you the things which you have missed before or you just let it go cz its a MOVIE ! it’s entertainment if they make it “real” and show you the real life now that won’t be much fun was it ??


Source : CinemaSins

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