Everything You Need To Know About DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2022

DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2022

Fans of the franchise have finally learned more about when Battle Pass 2022 will come out by Valve. Dota 2 Patch 7.32 was recently released by the game devs, and the announcement attached to it revealed that the long-awaited Battle Pass would be coming out next month in September. Dota 2 is the reigning king of esports and online tournaments and it is quite popular with fans and spectators, betting is another thing that is quite popular with the game and Dota 2 bets are on the rise.

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Valve has revealed its plans for a new gaming format for the Dota 2 TI11 Battle Pass. As repeated in posts over on social media, Valve wants to reform the battle pass so that it begins slightly later, continues through The International, and ends after a while it’s over.

Here is the announcement:

The Battle Pass in DOTA 2 is well received by the fans of the game. It comes with a lot of goodies, and it includes cosmetic bundles, emotes, mythical skins, voice lines, and there will be a lot more. It also brings a special game mode that players are waiting to get into and try the new mode out.

The developers of the game announced this year that they were making some changes to the format of Battle Pass 2022 so that it better adjusts current and for the players who are returning to the game the hype and excitement about The International (TI) 2022 is maintained after the event ends. Where we see usually, the Battle Pass comes months before TI, this time, this will be changed.


Everything you need to know about the DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2022

Valve’s latest announcement, detailed that Battle Pass 2022 will come out on September 1, before the regional qualifiers for The International 2022 start. The qualifiers will start from September 3 till September 18. Valve acknowledges that the Battle Pass is one of their MOBA’s most anticipated features and will come out early next month.

About the construction of the Battle Pass, Valve said earlier:

“To capture this excitement from current and returning players, we’re structuring the Battle Pass a little differently this year: we want to make the time right after The International concludes the best time to play Dota.”

They also said:

“To do this, we’re going to adjust the timing of the Battle Pass release to be later in the year than in previous years — that way the Battle Pass will run both and over the course of the event, and for a long amount of time afterwards.”

The new timeline for this year’s Battle Pass indicates that it will not be just this year but it will go on long after TI ends. If a recent post on the DOTA 2 subreddit can be considered as true, the Battle Pass may go on until February next year. The very post also revealed an event game mode named”cavernbrawl,” and the event of the game name for the pass is Diretide.

As per leaks that happened earlier this year, Battle Pass 2022 will come with Arcanas for Faceless Void and Skywrath Mage. Fans have been shouting for these features for some time now, and this year is going to be just the one that sees these two heroes gaining the most exclusive cosmetic set available in DOTA 2. The Battle Pass can also come with new Personas from the Netflix show for heroes.

Fans will be happy and enthusiast to get this amazing Battle Pass and have a go at it once Valve releases it by next month. This year’s The International is set to be the biggest in the event’s history and actually, for the first time, it is being held in Southeast Asia. It has to be seen which team will be victorious when everything is done and dusted.

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