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Items are one of the greatest obstacles for any new League of Legends player. The possibility of using hard-earned gold on one of a lengthy list of items they know nothing about usually gives new players a total loss on where to start. This frequently leads to an unlimited flow of topics like; when do I buy them, what does each item do, which ones are best for which champions, why are there are a lot of them, what in the world is Jinx or Yasuo, and several more.

The difficulty with these questions is they don’t actually discuss the right things. The overall feeling for starter players is they have to understand all of the things to know anything. Knowing precisely what each item is and its stats is a tremendous task and one that won’t actually make you an expert at the game, linked to the amount of time you have to invest it in, There is another way of progressing into the game which is called boosting and if you want to learn more about it, head to LoL Boosting.

At some point, you will discover all the items, but training is a method just like getting better at the game as a whole. You don’t need to know everything from the start, All you need to know is the basic stuff. So let’s talk a bit about the ways you will learn about League of Legends.

League of Legends


You might know about this already, but maybe, you don’t know — or have somehow overlooked — here is the entire bottom line of item knowledge for League of Legends. The two types of items you should bother about are offensive and others are defensive items. Offensive items are consist of Attack Speed, Attack Damage (AD), or Ability Power (AP) as their primary listed stat, while defensive items are any that have Health, Magic Resist (MR), or Armor as their primary stat. Items in League of Legends should also be viewed as quality over quantity. It is better to have a full piece than 3 broken ones.



The initial thing you will want to understand is what kind of champion you are going to play as. Chances are you may have seen at the champion info page and at least have a sense of whether or not your champion is a tank or a damaged character. The next step is deciding out if they compare best with Ability Power or Attack Damage. When you hover over the powers of your champion you see many things in parentheses which are either green (Ability Power) or red (Attack Damage). This should give you a basic idea of what sort of items you want to have.

There are all kinds of various variants of these items that will give you different things from another. Riot’s suggested items for each champion are not perfect, but they are a great jumping-off point — which is the very purpose for approved items after all. A great exercise in determining how to make is to think about those items Riot is supporting and question why it recommends those items. After a few games, you’ll start to understand some items and know their strengths.

Take a look at the suggested items for a champion you are playing with and do read what they do. Try making the same thing with the things your main opponent buys too. If you’re not sure what a champion does at times, or whether they are AD or AP, odds are their things will give you a great hint. I know that seems slow, and that’s it is. League is a game about training, and training is a slow process.

Let’s talk a few more particularly about a couple of items to get a real idea of how to learn about them. For this, we’ll use 3 new game items that are somewhat common in all of the games and most often used by 3 different roles in the game.

Infinity Edge:

Who will work on Auto Attack heavy champions, like Jinx or Yasuo, or Caitlyn.

Why: It will provide them AD for stronger auto attacks and provides those attacks a real chance to strike and bonus damage when they use it.

Stats that prefer it: Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance


Who it will work on: AP champions who cast abilities frequently, like Ahri, Leblanc or Syndra

Why: It provides a high level of both Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction allowing their spells to do more damage and be used more frequently while providing more Mana for spell casting.

Stats that prefer it: Health, Magic Penetration

Sunfire Cape:

Who it will work on Tank champions, like Nautilus, Garen or Maokai

Why: Health makes champions difficult to kill. While Armor is helpful if your lane enemy is AD as it protects AD skills and auto-attacks. It also gives the ability to kill minions a lot faster with its passive.

Stats that prefer it: Cooldown Reduction, Magic Resist

League of Legends_LOL


Items only have one goal: improving your team to win the game. That suggests that you make only matters so much. So try everything. Don’t be scared to throw caution to the wind and make that thing that looks great. There really is no replacement for experience when you’re getting to play the game. Win or lose, the essential part is that you know what elements drove you to that result. Was the Runaan’s Hurricane as good on Veigar as you hoped? Well, who knows? Probably maybe he does not auto-attack very frequently. But at least you know that now, right?

So, let’s say you get to know most of the important items in the game, and when you find a new one you don’t have a difficult time implementing it into your game as a combination. In that case, you are now prepared for the next thing in the game. That step is learning how items change every game and the miniature moments within those games.

Shopping for things gives a break from the action to enter the state of the game as a complete body. Start in the game, it’s a time to decide who is powerful on the enemy team, or even in yours, and what things you can make to negate that champion’s advantages or put your teammate in a suitable place to leverage their own powers. This approach has a lot of uncertainty, Check out exhibit A.

Let’s say you are fighting an AP mid-lane like Lux who is easy to kill and doesn’t have a fast way out of a fight. Now let’s assume that the opponent team has a top lane Talon and you see he has 2 kills early in the competition. You see he has made a lot of ads and you acknowledge Talon is good at eliminating squishy champions. In this example it may be a great idea to make a Zhonya’s Hourglass beginning in the game, before you ever have to battle the Talon, helping to cancel his advantages.

Items can also be used to study things about different opponents as well. As one of a few variables in League across all games and players, things can tell certain plans and views of the people who get them.

For example, if you are fighting an AP champion and your enemy comes back to lane with only MR, odds are they are scared of your damage and are preparing to play quietly to avoid it. This should give you a great chance to push your power in the lane.

Learning how each item combines with specific situations is a never-ending method in League, like two people who see various colors trying to solve a Rubik’s cube at once. I know this section gets more complicated but study it more as an introduction than something to be experienced. It’s the tip of the never-ending tactical challenge that makes League of Legends enjoyable.

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