Everything You Should Know About CSGO in 2022


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is a multiplayer first-person famous shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. The game was released back in August 2012 and it was the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series.

CSGO hit popularity very fast because developers had a great formula that was accepted among the fans in the earlier games from the franchise. It was a similar game to Counter-Strike Source. Except for some little changes, the gameplay stayed unchanged, and the only thing they did switch or perfect it was the graphics and CSGO tournaments, they are motivating the players and the teams to play harder, You can have more details on the tournaments from here https://eplay-info.com/en/csgo-tournaments/.

CSGO Gameplay

CSGO is a first-person video game. There are specific levels but they don’t impact the gameplay whatsoever.

A total noob player can kill the professional player and win the match against the professional player.

But this never happened professional players will always come on top. But in view, it’s doable. They both have the same level of starting health and money. gamers can use the cash to buy equipment like kevlar, helmets, guns, and grenades.

Your main goal is to kill your opponents and stay alive in the game. Although it seems simple enough, CSGO is a very complex game. The game itself isn’t just founded on the individual level of skill sets. In order to be the best player, you must have the correct map details, you must know how to use grenades, how to place yourself, and where to hide.


CSGO Game Modes

There are 6 modes in the game. Not all of these game modes are famous. Certain modes are for players who are not competitive. On the other hand, the competitive mode is the most famous and the whole CSGO community is contesting in this game mode.


Competitive Mode

This mode is making money for gamers who are seriously playing CSGO. There are levels to this mode, hence why we have other ranks that are transparent to gamers’ skill levels. When it comes to gameplay, competitive games are played mainly played in the active duty map pool.

There are seven maps:

  • Dust 2
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Vertigo
  • Overpass
  • Train

All of these maps can be played in the defusal mode. 30 rounds are played on each map. After the first 15 rounds have been played, players will change sides and keep the fight on.

If you will win the 16 rounds first, You will win the game.

CSGO guns

CSGO Weapons

There are many types of deadly weapons in CSGO. Weapons are split into 4 groups; Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, and Heavy weapons. A single kill with each kind of weapon grants a distinct amount of cash. What does this imply? A single kill with a weapon will reward you with different amounts of money:

  • Pistol kill + $300
  • AWP kill + $100
  • SMG kill + $600
  • Heavy Weapon(Shotgun) kill + $900
  • Rifle kill + $300
  • Knife kill + $1500


CSGO Esports Professional Scene

CSGO is definitely the most famous Counter-Strike game ever. This game took over the Esports scene, and it seems like this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. But, the professional scene had its moments.

At the moment, there are 3 types of matches on the CSGO professional scene. Leagues, tournaments, and Major Events. Overall, CSGO is a great success in the Esports world.


CSGO Leagues

Many CSGO leagues are played all over the year. However, only some of them come with the best teams in the world. Even though other leagues are very competitive, they are not drawing a lot of the best talent.

Only the most promising team can move to a better league, while the lowest finishers will get out of the league they were contesting in.

Every league has its own design and matches, very similar to a season in football, NBA, or any other sport. mainly, the best 8 teams will move through to the LAN playoffs.

These are the famous CSGO leagues:

  • ESL Pro League
  • BLAST Pro
  • Flashpoint


CSGO Tournaments

The most famous format in the professional CSGO scene. Different hosts will host the CSGO tournaments. While CSGO was still in the early days, there were hardly any prize pools. At the moment, certain CSGO tournaments are carrying massive prize pools which can go over $3.000,000.

Usually, this type of competition will be held for a couple of days only. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if there are a lot of teams participating in a certain tournament, it’s only obvious that it will take a while before the final match is held.

Check out the most popular CSGO tournaments:

  • IEM
  • DreamHack
  • BLAST Pro
  • ESL
  • StarLadder


CSGO Ranks

There are levels to CSGO and it is exciting to have a higher rank in the game. Certain gamers will play this game on a level above everyone else, and that is how they stay on the top of the list. They also have to be played against players with equal skill levels. This is why competitive ranks were presented to CSGO.

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