Everything you Wanted to Know about PC Game Trainers, but Never Dared to Ask

 PC Game Trainers

PC Game trainers are commonly referred to as cheat programs since they allow a player to enjoy the in-game benefits without earning them or take advantage of the game bugs to get various privileges. Such programs are launched simultaneously with a certain game and make it possible for a player to succeed in this game without taking pains. Trainers are successfully used for unlocking specific game functions, as well.

Using Trainers

Trainers enjoy a wide popularity with wide and diverse audiences. Therefore, developers try to make them as understandable and user-friendly as possible. Programmers usually equip their creations with a detailed guide that walk beginners through such stages as downloading, installing, and using a trainer. The guides come in a separate.txt file and are named in accordance with their content to attract users’ attention. To view the content of the guide, use any text editor you prefer or whichever you have installed on your computer.

The content of trainer files isn’t complex and sophisticated. As a rule, most programs consist of one executive file. Still, there are trainers that may contain several files and libraries within one folder.

Usually you are asked to run the trainer before starting your game (but some programs may work vice versa).

It is also necessary to keep the trainer window active during the gameplay to ensure the proper operation of the trainer.

You are free to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts to control the program. Some trainers even make it possible for you to map the shortcut keys to your liking.


Where do I get Trainers?

Finding trainers online is not a problem. Suffice it to type the name of the game you want to play and follow it up with the word “trainer” in the search bar, and the system will yield thousands of results you can subsequently use to download the chosen program. We recommend visiting Trainersmode, the website that can present you with the trainers for the most popular games. On the website, you will find the trainers that can satisfy any taste. Moreover, users downloading the program from Trainersmode can rest assured that the software they install on their computers are free of any malware and thus is completely safe.


What Shall I do if my Trainer File has been Deemed a Virus?

The situations where game trainers are recognized as Trojans or other viruses are commonplace. You should not panic if you get such a message from your antivirus program. In the majority of cases, it is a false alarm. So, you don’t need to delete the downloaded program. Still, to be on the safe side, make sure to use only reputable sites to get game trainers from and never download the files that look suspicious or have weird or inappropriate extensions.

  • Some websites that offer game trainers include additional information about their products that may advise you ignoring antivirus messages. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take this information for granted. Stay vigilant and always check the site’s reputation and the protocols they use prior to downloading anything.


Should I Pay for Trainers?

Usually, trainers are created by ordinary players and amateur programmers that will share their programs with a game community for free. Nevertheless, there are professional developers such as CheatHappens that offer paid versions of their products. You can either purchase a professional program equipped with lots of super cool features or avail yourself of free game trainers. Choose yourself!

Anyway, regardless of the trainer’s price, you are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure from using the software that can make you a champion in the game.

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