Evolution of the Playstation

For those of us who have memories long enough to remember the excitement generated by playing Tennis on your TV with a white dot for the ball and two white lines for the racket, the first gaming console released by PlayStation would have been a gaming nirvana in comparison.

The first PlayStation was a game-changer in every sense of the word and set a new benchmark in gaming-console technology. The very first PlayStation featured the fastest processor seen in a gaming console and was also the first to use CD technology.

Many things have changed since that first introduction and the new PS4 features some technology that hadn’t even been dreamt of when the first console was launched although it is comforting that some continuity exists, as the first controller featured the triangle, circle, x and square buttons that you still find today on the latest version of PlayStation.

Such is the success of gaming consoles like PlayStation that the top-selling games often have a greater audience and are made using bigger budgets than many Hollywood movies. Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Gran Turismo are the top-selling games and sales have already surpassed 60 Million units for the PS3 alone

The enduring popularity of PlayStation since its arrival shows no sign of slowing and with new ideas like live-streaming, facial recognition technology and integration with social media sites for sharing your game-play experiences with others, the success story is set to continue into the future. (via)

Evolution of the Playstation

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