Ewin Racing Gaming Chair Flash Series Review

Ewin Racing Gaming Chair Flash Series

There was a time when gamers want just a console, controller, and a sofa to satisfy the gaming needs, but the time has changed and now the modern gamer has grown far beyond those simple accessories. Now, gamers need more accessories from the market and new add-ons, and gadgets that can make their gaming sessions more comfortable, like the EWin Flash Series gaming chairs which are the best PC gaming chair.

Plenty has plausibly heard and seen gaming chairs on the internet and you might also notice most of them are not of good quality and looks like the basic computer chair. From a severe design perspective, the EWin Flash Series chair is very well made. It’s rugged, well balanced, and it reaches out in any office or gaming room and you can gaming for hours comfortable in this chair. The craftsmanship on the EWin Flash Series is simply awesome and attention to detail is impeccable, with a look that lets other people know it is more than just the average computer chair but it is a brilliant gaming chair because it is made by EWin and it is an EWin Flash Series.

The assembly of an EWin racing chair is quite straightforward and only needs a few simple steps to assemble it. There were no questions once the chair was put together that it was made to hold a substantial amount of weight, and nothing about it feels cheap or made from second-grade materials.

If you talk about comfort, the EWin Flash Series is made for long gaming sessions with a minimal or no back strain. Its ergonomic frame assures gamers are well supported and keep their posture perfect. In fact, the EWin gaming chair is made to help correct your posture, which is excellent for those gamers that slouch after an hour of playing, it includes me for some reason I keep on slipping on the chair and ended up slouching on the chair, but this holds me perfectly and won’t let me slouch as a normal chair.

This is not it, the Flash series racing chair has two adjustable support pillows for the neck and lower back area. If you don’t use the pillows even than the chair would still be very comfortable and supportive, but if you want to use them, the Flash series fits perfectly to the contours of your body and lets you rest while gaming and believe me it is the most comfortable chair for gaming or to do normal office work. And for those that don’t want to sit upright, the chair can lean to suit a more laid back position for your comfort, while still giving full back support.

EWin Flash Series gaming chair does offer characteristics similar to the normal computer chair, it takes the normal chair and adds a lot more customization. The armrests have a full range of movement – they can slide back and forward, rise up or down, or even flip around totally. Similarly, the seat can be lifted or lowered to meet any desk or to match the height of the user or your preference of the day.

The price of the EWin Flash Series gaming chair is quite competitive and you can get value for the money they even graciously offered our FizX readers a discount code which you can use at the time of purchase and avail 20% discount, Just use the code FizX at the time of checkout, use this link to make your purchase.

There is no doubt that you will get a rugged and top of the line product for your money. Comfort is crucial when it comes to gaming chairs, and those who consume hours sitting in front of TV or PC Monitor will enjoy the number of detail EWin puts into its chairs. And I’m someone that sit for a longer period of time in front of my monitor, writing blog posts and editing videos and of course gaming and right now I am waiting to get my hands on Anno 1800 and after getting this game I will vanish from this mortal world and immerse myself in the world of Anno and at that time the only thing I need is a comfortable chair and luckily I have my Flash series chair to keep me into gaming comfortably. 

The EwinRacing Flash Series gaming chair is available on EWin’s official site which is running a discount at the time when this article is written, you can find the links above.

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