Ewin Racing Knight Series Racing Office Gaming Chair Review

Ewin Racing Knight Series

EwinRacing’s Knight Series gaming chairs are the best choice for gaming chairs, Over on the Ewin website, There is a discount going on and you can get it for only $209 instead of $239. You are also entitled to $20 bonus if you register for the first time and orders any of Ewin’s chairs that are worth higher than $99 or more. So you can buy it for $189 instead of $239, and if you use our code which is FizX, you can get a discount of 10%, how cool is that!

The gaming chair comes with a 2D adjustable armrests where you can raise or lower them to perfectly fit your arm position using vertical sliders. You can also get a height and recliner selection, allowing you to raise or lower the height of the seat for your perfect comfort. You can use the back recliner selection with a lever to lean the chair back by up to 155 degrees, which is pretty cool to relax and just chill after a long gaming session.

You will find the lever on the side of the chair which is quite a generic place and it comes with a tilt and lock control mechanism, so as you lean back you can change how further back you lean and to what angle, as well as increase the tension of the leaning back action so that you can use the 120mm class-4 gas lift piston to specify the level of security that the chair can offer and you can lay back in peace without the added tension of falling back.

Ewin Racing Knight Series

The Ewin chairs for gaming are not all about mechanics and smart engineering there’s also the aesthetics to consider, too. The Knight Series from Ewin is constructed on a steel chassis with a foam molding which is placed on the top of the chair, which I have to say is quite comfortable. There’s a PVC cloth surface for the seat cushion and backrests, and it comes with two pillows that are located at the base of the lower back and one at the upper headrest so your back and neck won’t strain from the long sessions of gaming.

I have tried many bad chairs in my time and trust me I know which chairs are comfortable for longer periods of sitting because my work chair is a very important part of my work life. You should always spend a little bit more time and money in the search for a good gaming chair, something that will give support, durability, and above all comfort, when you consume a lot of time in front of a gaming console, computer or TV.

The Knight series gaming chair is a large-sized piece of chair, Assembling the chair is pretty easy as well no need for any professional help to assemble the thing, and a large part of it already comes put together. All you have to do is attach the seatback to the bottom, assemble the base, and just put all the pieces together. It seems quite easy but it will be easier if you can get help from another person as well, just to help hold the pieces steady while you screw them all in place. The kit comes with everything you need to assemble the chair.

The Knight Series gaming chair is highly adjustable as I mentioned before you can adjust it many ways, to guarantee that a person sitting in the chair can feel comfortable.

I keep referring to the chair as a gaming chair, but it can be a perfect office chair as well If you like vibrant colors in your life and not a boring black. In fact, from the front, the red parts of the chair look really cool, I love colors and as much as I like the chair for its comforts and reliability I also like it for its looks and the durable colorful fabrics. The designs are full of vivid colors, logos, and they just brand you as “serious gamer” It is a brilliant mix of everything whether you want to play Fortnite daily or do your assignments or simply boring office work on it. It sits justly in my living room, keeping me close to my TV. I find it even more relaxing than the sofa, and after using it almost every day for more than a week, It is my seat of choice right now even when I am sitting in front of the TV in my living room and binging Netflix.

I had many gaming chairs and office chairs in my life and now I can make a legitimate comparison to other brands, I can reliably say it’s far more comfortable than any chair I had with this little amount of money. I am not saying it is the cheapest in the market but I am saying that is worth your money and it will give you worth for your money. Chairs at Walmart, Ikea, or any other furniture stores look a lot more like the picturesque and stylish office chair, but I am a sucker for comfort and it overtakes style and I am sure this chair will last you longer than anything you find in those stores.

If you’re in the market for a comfortable gaming chair at an affordable price,  the Ewin Champion Series gaming chair is the best choice for you. It’s a reliable chair that comes with a solid built and gives more comfort and stability than any other office chair I used in the past. If you like the colored racing stripes and don’t mind having them, Ewin chairs are good for your back and for your wallet.

You can learn more about the Ewin Knight Series ergonomic gaming chair by heading out to the official EwinRacing website.

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