Why Exactly Do Celebrities Have Perfect Teeth?

Charlize Theron

Everyone knows what a Hollywood smile looks like. It is a perfect smile that is always camera-ready. The expression, “give us your Hollywood smile” is associated with that look, but why does Hollywood attract people with great smiles? Surely, it is impossible that every star was born with perfect teeth, right? The following may shine a light on why celebrities have perfect teeth.

Status Matters

A social scientist recently pointed out that teeth are becoming the new status symbol in this society, which could be one reason why celebrities are obsessed with their smiles. Celebrities like to show this off. Chrissy Teigen posted a picture of her day at the dentist along with a picture of her straight teeth.


Youthfulness is something that everyone covets, especially those who are getting older. Age hits most people pretty hard, and the same can be said about celebrities who depend on their looks for roles. A survey revealed that healthy teeth make a person appear younger than they are, which is most likely another reason as to why celebrities care so much about their smiles. Halle Berry is 50-year-old, but that smile of hers tells another story.


Some celebrities like to play roles where they are the romantic interest. The job of this celebrity is to make the public fall in love with this character. A study shows that teeth play a major part in attracting others. Many celebrities who stick to love interest roles have smiles that the public cannot help but fall in love with like Julia Roberts or Rachel McAdams.


Smiling proudly and without restraint has been shown to help people feel happier. Not only that, but it also appears to be contagious and may help fans feel happy, too. It may be possible that one of the reasons celebrities care about their teeth is because they want to spread joy with something as simple as their smiles. One good example is Rosario Dawson who cannot help but smile—she always looks genuinely happy!


When it all comes down to it, these celebrities really take care of themselves. You can’t have really good teeth and never brush or floss your teeth every day and night. You also have to go see dentists, such as those from Plymouth Valley Dental group, on a regular basis—about twice a year. Along with all of that, some celebrities have to get a lot of work done on their teeth. Did you know that Tom Cruise’s teeth used to be out of alignment and crooked? With all of the fans fawning over every Mission Impossible movie of his, you probably wouldn’t realize that. It takes a lot of time and dedication to those pearly whites looking great and ready for the big screen.

Surely, each celebrity has specific reasons for taking care of his or her teeth, but it is clear that making sure that you have a healthy smile is not something that only celebrities need to worry about. All people should try to improve their smiles, which can enhance oral health and boost mood.

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