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Undoubtedly roulette is one of the most popular and exciting casino games to take part in today with all of the variations you can now try. Roulette actually means a small wheel in French and it is a relatively simple game to get the hang of once you have found your online casino site.

Before we begin the explanation of roulette and its different betting formats a word of caution about finding a site at which to play. Unfortunately there is a criminal element out there that are out to access your personal information on your computer, and like all other fraud, online gambling has been targeted with rogue sites. This online fraud can be avoided by using some common sense and putting into place some good virus protection for your computer or mobile devices.

Many people make use of one of the great comparison sites out there that trawl the internet sourcing only the very best deals for customers and most of these sites offer in-depth reviews like the Foxy Casino Review for example, besides containing pertinent news articles. Most also offer a direct portal through to the online casinos that they recommend.  These comparison sites actually work in much the same way as any other that you may use to find home or care insurance, and can offers some really useful information before you choose the best site for your needs.

Please be aware that it is only the very best quality sites that follow all of the rules and regulations that are set out in order to keep you safe and secure, and these sites also offer a great choice of regular bonuses and promotional offers that are well worth checking out, and like the loyalty points promotions are aimed at keeping you coming back time and time again.

As we have mentioned roulette is a fairly simple game to get the hang of and once you have familiarised yourself with the betting system you will be ready to experience all the enjoyment of this great game of chance, especially if you are using one of the great bonuses offered instead of your own hard earned cash!

Right then we shall begin with Outside Bets and these are simply the ones that cover certain groups of numbers and are considered to be the safest option.  Wagers are placed on the tables boxes that are outside the main number grid and the wagers fall into several self-explanatory categories.

  • Red and Black bets
  • Odd and Even bets
  • High and Low bets
  • Columns
  • Dozens

Inside Bets are those that are placed on the main number grid on the roulette table and because it is more difficult to get these correct as you cover a smaller amount of numbers than you with outside bets the payouts are higher.

The wagers you can make are:

  • The Straight Up
  • The Split bet
  • The Street
  • Corner Bets
  • Line Bets

Straight Up bets have the highest payout of all roulette wagers as it is the most difficult to get as you are only covering one number.  A split covers any two numbers and a street is any of the 12 rows of three numbers.  A Corner Bet covers any four numbers which form a square in the main number grid and the Line Bet is very similar to a street but you will cover two rows instead of one.

There is also the Five Number Bet that can be placed when playing the American version of roulette.

Call Bets are played only in the European or French versions of the game and not every single casino will offer their players this option although most premium games do.

Finally there is the Final Bet!  This is a combination of straight ups on all the numbers that end in a digit of the players’ choice.

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