Exploring The ’80s Iconic Horror Films in Trailer for IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS

80s Iconic Horror Films

I grew up in the 90s watching the all awesome horror movies of the mighty ‘80s. There are so many horror movies from the era that have stuck with me throughout my life and they will be with me forever for sure. Those movies were awesome and there was something about them which made them special for me, a spirit to them that Hollywood has not really been able to make again. They are a result of their time, and there’s a new documentary coming out called In Search of Darkness that gives tribute to such incredible horror films and the fandom.

The doc is said to be the “definitive 80s horror documentary” that’s “bringing the Horror community together to honor the most iconic era in cinema history.”

The movie was directed by journalist and cinephile David A. Weiner, and it explores the ’80s horror movies through the perspective of the actors, directors, producers, and SFX teams who brought them to life. It also explores the impact that these movies had on cinema.

“Hearts pounding, palms sweaty, muscles tense; that thrill of creeping dread was matched only by the satisfaction of knowing the person in the next seat was even more terrified.” For the first time in Horror history, In Search of Darkness is bringing together ‘80s icons, modern horror greats, and popular horror influencers to create the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made. Featuring 40+ interviews filmed and more than 100 hours of incredible material.

Some of the people who were interviewed for the documentary include Keith DavidJoe DanteHeather LangenkampJeffrey CombsBarbara CramptonGreg NicoteroBill MoseleyKane HodderSean S. Cunningham, and more.

Check out the trailer below.

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