This Facebook Tool is Revealing a lot About You


Ignorance truly is bliss and we’re a society of happy internet users that are blissed out of our goddamn minds and share every day more than we should and happily forget about it but the internet never forgets.

Meet a scary new app called Stalkscan, it gives you a peek into your ignorance and how it actually looks like.

Created by, Inti De Ceukelaire, Stalkscan taps the power of a mostly-forgotten Facebook feature to offer up shocking insight into anyone that hasn’t completely locked down their Facebook profile.

In 2013, Facebook launched a new feature called Graph Search and it was quite powerful and scary at times. The strong new search engine allowed users open access to many data sources Facebook had previously kept to itself. From the simple, like finding photos of your neighbor when she was 21; to the creepy, such as stalking single friends’ comments, events they’ve attended, statuses they’ve liked, and even seeing which bars they visit most often; all things were possible through Graph Search.

Facebook quietly pushed back the service shortly after launch. but it’s still functional, but privacy concerns and the relative complexity of using it sort of shifted the narrative away from a discrete feature and into something that just existed — even if most weren’t sure how to access it.

De Ceukelaire told Motherboard:

Graph Search and its privacy issues aren’t new, but I felt like it never really reached the man on the street. With my actions and user-friendly tools I want to target the non-tech-savvy people because most of them don’t have a clue what they are sharing with the public.

Stalkscan puts the power in your hands and by simply searching someone will give you all sort of forgotten details. Just enter the profile URL of your friend and tell Stalkscan what you want to find; it’ll do the rest, and display required information in new Facebook window, give it a try and see what you left behind.

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