Fact-Checking Online Casino Games for Beginners

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If you are new to the world of internet betting, there is a fair chance that you won’t yet fully know exactly how the online casino world works. You might be playing casino games with a blindfold on. Don’t worry, though; in this short piece, we’re going to look at some of the main myths associated with online casino games and fact check them for beginners such as yourself.


RTP Doesn’t Literally Tell You What You Can Win

Beginners may believe that the RTP rate in slots tells them how much they can win. That isn’t necessarily true. An RTP of 96% doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to win 96% of the time or that you will pocket 96% of each bet back as a win. Instead, it merely means that a casino puts 96% of every bet back into a pot for all players to win and keeps 4% for themselves.


Some Jackpots Are Easier to Win Than Others

It is not that easy to win a progressive jackpot, but some jackpot prizes are easier than others to get your hands on. For instance, it can be nearly impossible to line up specific icons on a single payline with the maximum stake. Most of us won’t manage it. However, jackpot slots that cough up winnings at random irrespective of what you bet or within a specific timeframe are much easier to win.


Deposit with Cryptocurrencies Doesn’t Guarantee Crypto-Friendly Wagers

Just because an online casino permits you to deposit with cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean you can wager with them. Some sites only accept cryptocurrencies as a deposit option and will convert your deposit into a FIAT currency for gameplay (and may charge you for the privilege). Given this, you should always play at casinos that guarantee you the chance to bet with BTC and other cryptocurrencies over ones that don’t.


Buy-a-Bonus Modes Improve Your Chances of Success

Whether buy-a-bonus modes are useful and worth the money depends on how they work. Some don’t trigger a bonus outright. Instead, you’re merely paying for “a chance” to “improve” the odds of triggering a bonus. That is naturally not worth the paper it is written on. Moreover, some games deliberately leave out features you can find for free in other games solely to charge you extra for them. These aren’t worth your time, either.


Can You Really Win More in High Roller Games?

You may have heard that if you play big-spending titles, like high roller roulette games and slots, you can win more. This is only partly true. While you will win “larger” sums of cash if you wager more, these will still be proportional to a paytable. 1,000x a £1 bet is worth less than 1,000x a £100 bet, for instance. However, the jackpot is still the same, at 1,000x a bet. In this sense, high rollers aren’t “really” winning more at all.


Mobile-Friendly and Mobile Optimised Are Not the Same Thing

Don’t confuse mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized games. Mobile-friendly slot games mean that you can play them via a web browser n your phone or tablet. However, mobile-optimized casino games have been designed (or redesigned) to feature finger and thumb-friendly buttons and work predominantly on mobile devices, such as mobile casino apps.

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