Fallout 4 is Real and it is Coming Soon!

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is coming. It’s curious to see Bethesda announce the game before their E3 conference, which takes place on June 14, but it’s happening. Fallout 4, a sequel to Bethesda’s 2008 post-apocalyptic RPG, is one of the most anticipated games in recent history, and it’s been driving everyone nuts for years now.

Rumors suggested it will be bsed on post-apocalyptic Boston, it is still not clear that this is the case. In fact, we don’t really have any information, as Bethesda is likely saving up the juiciest details for later this month at E3 in Los Angeles; the publisher will be hosting its very own E3 keynote for the first time this year. We will get more details when the countdown timer ends at 10AM ET today.

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