Family Guy Movie

family guy movie

We love the show and we do want to watch the movie we are sure we will love it as much as we love the Simpsons The Movie or maybe a better script this time!

Seth MacFarlane‘s already conquered the small screen, and now he’s got his eye on taking over the big one as well. This season saw the release of Ted, MacFarlane’s first foray into feature directing, and this winter will see him hosting the Oscars. Next up? The long-promised Family Guy movie, perhaps.

MacFarlane revealed his plans during a visit to UCLA, boldly declaring “it’s just a matter of when.” Oh, good. More after the jump.

Though the Griffins have appeared in a number of direct-to-DVD specials over the years — not to mention in comic books, video games, live performances, etc. — they’ve yet to make the leap to the cinema. MacFarlane first announced his intentions to bring the characters to the silver screen a few years ago, but the project’s really picking up now in the wake of Ted‘s box office success.

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