Famous Actor Michael Everest DeMarco Opens Up About His Favorite Haunts In New Orleans

New Orleans

Michael Everest DeMarco, the renowned actor, and philanthropist is not only a son of New Orleans, but his attachment to the city of his birth is so that he actually gave up the prospects of a lucrative career in Hollywood to engage himself with the theater scene of New Orleans and to work with the budding talents therein.

In an earlier interview, Mr. DeMarco had remarked that although he had been to many places in the course of his acting career, he still had always cherished the hope to eventually come back to New Orleans one day and settle down here for good. In the same interview, he also expressed that nothing gives him more pleasure than working with new and upcoming talents on the stage and helping them hone their skills and grow.

But apart from his work in the theater, what is it exactly that binds him so to the city of his birth? When asked this question in a recent interview, Michael Everest DeMarco opened up about all the things that he loves about NOLA and discussed in detail his favorite haunts of the city that boasts of a history of more than 300 years.

Asked about his most favorite place in the city, Michael Everest DeMarco’s response was predictable enough—the French Quarter. While remarking that the neighborhood has changed a lot from the way it was when he was in his teens, the famous actor revealed that he still likes to pay a visit to the quarter whenever he can squeeze some time out of his busy schedule. He further revealed that although the neighborhood has undergone considerable changes in the last decades, he can still find the true NOLA spirit every time he walks down Bourbon Street or grab a meal at ‘Antoine’s’, one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans that’s still standing.

And while talking about the French Quarter, he added that he equally loves to take a stroll down Frenchmen Street at Marigny. The actor, however, remarked that he doesn’t have much interest in the newer live music clubs that Marigny has recently become famous for but that he still loves the colorful, lively, and funky spirit the place exudes.

Apart from the Quarter, the actor said that the two places he visits the most these days happen to be the famous New Orleans Museum of Art (or “NOMA” to the locals) and the New Orleans Jazz Museum. DeMarco says that although he has visited both places countless times, he still doesn’t tire of visiting them one more time. This is hardly a surprise coming from a man who is also known as a true connoisseur of art and music. However, Michael Everest DeMarco said that the reason he visits the places so often is that they fill him with a sense of calm and give him fresh inspiration for his work in theater.

In his own words: “Whenever I walk in these places and find myself in the presence of such great artists and luminaries, I am instantly met with a feeling of humility. Standing before a picture of Degas or the famous first cornet of Armstrong, I am reminded of how hard all these great artists had to work to make a name for themselves, the sacrifices they made, the struggles they had to pass through. And all of these thoughts fill me with fresh inspiration for working harder and trying my utmost in my own field of work.”

In connection to the Jazz Museum, the actor was asked whether he attends the famous NOLA Jazz and Heritage Festival. Michael Everest DeMarco replied that although he loves the festival and its spirit, these days he can hardly find time to attend the festival and that the last time he had been to the fest was three years ago. Finally, the actor also revealed a little known fact about himself, which is that he is a big New Orleans Saints fan and apart from his work in the theater, there are few things he loves more than catching a Saints game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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