Famous Celebrity Facial Hair You Should Consider


Celebrities are known to rock the latest fashion trends and styles with ease while exuding both natural and manufactured beauty. They are often admired for setting the latest looks, both with their clothing and features. For men, this includes facial hair as many male celebrities have sported different looks that have truly left an impression.

Beard – George Clooney

George Clooney is known as a masculine figure in Hollywood who has managed to age gracefully while growing a clean-cut beard that is void of any dye. For men in their 40s and 50s, a beard that is neatly trimmed with a mixture of gray hair will look handsome and classic. The neck and cheeks should be shaved every day or two with mens shaving cream for a smooth and natural look.

Goatee - Kanye West

Goatee – Kanye West

Although Kanye West has made a name for himself in Tinseltown for his crazy antics, he’s still managed to sport a stylish look with designer clothing and plenty of swag. To add to this, he also has kept a well-groomed goatee that works to balance his facial features with the use of sharp lines. He’s managed to use a circular design that frames his mouth and also adds masculinity to his chin.

Slight Beard - Robin Thicke

Slight Beard – Robin Thicke

Hailed as a smooth-talking singer, Robin Thicke has worked to carefully craft a ladies’ man image that includes aviator sunglasses and a quirky ‘do. To complete the look, he’s often seen with a light beard that is similar to a five o’clock shadow. He continues to keep it trimmed, but the looks still manages to look polished and sophisticated.

Moustache - James Franco

Moustache – James Franco

Known for his boyish good looks, James Franco has managed to look attractive over the years, even while sporting a moustache that is both subtle and modern. He allows a bit of scruff to grow out on the chin, but keeps the facial hair classy by keeping it trimmed and short in length. The same look can be attained when using The Art of Shaving products or a professional shaving kit that will work to offer more control with the tools for a styled look.

Whether going for a masculine beard or a trimmed moustache, there are a number of different styles commonly seen on celebrities for facial hair that is modern and attractive. It makes for a refreshing new look that transforms your overall image and can be easy to maintain on a consistent basis with the right products and tools.

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