Famous Chairs from Pop Culture That You Wish Were in Your Home

For decades, popular culture has invaded our homes in the form of collectible figurines, posters, and costumes. But as our society becomes more advanced, so does our pop culture collectibles. This includes adding the legendary chairs from your favorite TV shows and movies to your home furniture collection.

The Iron Throne—Game of Thrones

The Iron Throne—Game of Thrones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 7 years, you may have heard about a medieval fantasy phenomenon sweeping the globe called Game of Thrones. Hailed as one of the most popular TV shows in modern television history, this TV series boasts one of the most iconic on-screen props in history as well—the Iron Throne.

From the very first episode, almost every character we meet is vying, lying, and murdering to sit on it. Crafted from the melted and bent swords of men who have been conquered by the ruling family, having an iron throne in your home would serve as not only a fascinating conversation piece but as a seat of power and authority.

Captain Kirk’s Chair—Star Trek

Beginning back in 1966, Star Trek has been a beloved show for many generations and has been a loyal science fiction companion for all those who love the genre. Many famous actors have played the role of captain of their respective spaceships during the life of the series, but no captain has been as memorable or as praised as Captain Kirk played by William Shatner.

His legendary voice, iconic quotes, and dramatic acting has made him a fan favorite. This favor has also spilled over onto his chair. The chair from which Captain Kirk makes his important decisions would make a fun and dramatic addition to your home.

The Imperial Throne—Star Wars

Following in the success of Star Trek, another science fiction dynamo was released in the 1970s that gifted us a look into the dark realm of the Sith, the hopeful but flawed realm of the Jedi, and the mysterious Force that binds them both. Spanning the majority of Star Wars films is the powerful, evil Sith Lord named Emperor Palpatine. He rules over Darth Vadar and the Empire from his comfortable yet imposing throne. A realistic replica of this chair has been created that you can purchase for your home as an ominous homage to the Star Wars franchise.

As with any type of collectible or specialty furniture, if you purchase one of these chairs, be selective who you allow to use them. These chairs can potentially cost a small fortune which makes them more of an investment than a toy that should be properly taken care of. If you plan on using your collectible chair, consider adding a layer of upholstery to it to protect it from stains, wear and tear, and general damages. You can easily find a professional upholstery company, like Just Upholstery, that specializes in high-quality materials in colorful and unique designs.

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