Famous Eyeglasses

elvis presley glasses

We always recognize famous people from their famous styles and one of them is Eyeglasses and people love to wear the same Eyeglasses as their icons did. Today we have an amazing round-up of famous glasses from Harry Potter To John Lennon.

In a personal project entitled Famous Eyeglasses, freelance web designer Federico Mauro put together a series of posters featuring solely the glasses on a plain background with the name of the person underneath (which subtly forms a kind of mouth). I’m sure there are plenty more glasses which can be added here, Which ones you think should be added here except your own! Send us by email and we can add them to the list. Cheers

audrey hepburn glasses
woody allen glasses
Tony Montana glasses
Tom Cruise glasses
steve mcqueen glasses
Steve Jobs Glasses sofia loren glasses
morpheus glasses
malcolm x glasses
lolita glasses
harry potter glasses
elton john glasses
blue brothers glasses

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