Fan Boys: Massive Nerd Collections and How You Can Start Your Own

Nerd Collections

Nerd culture is, by and large, a culture of stuff. From tie-in novels to toys, there’s always merchandise sold alongside beloved movies and TV shows. If you are a huge fan, you might want to think about starting your own collection. Before doing so, make sure you look into what collecting really means and how you can properly manage your own collection.

Fandom Collecting

When you talk about collecting, fandom memorabilia really exists in a world of its own. The truly massive collections out there aren’t just massive in terms of bulk, but massive in terms of depth. Each piece not only represents the chosen fandom, but also a feeling that goes along with that film or TV show. Collecting is more than just getting stuff, but finding those things that mean something to you.

There are several large collections, for example, that span decades of Star Wars memorabilia, but you don’t have to start there. Everything can go into your collection as long as it means something to you. From movie props to coloring books all are up for grabs and a good option for your fandom collection. Others collect Funko Pops of the movies and TV shows they love.

What’s important about these collections is that they provide a deep look into the fandom itself and have to mean for the collector. A good collection picks a theme and sticks with it, whatever theme you end up choosing for yourself.

How to Start Your Own

The sizable collection can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, so don’t worry about playing with the big collectors just yet. Start small, and remember that starting your collection is easier than ever. All you need is to pick a show (or genre) that you love and start finding items.

The early acquisitions are the easiest—you’ll find odds and ends at yard sales and video game stores by the dozens. In time, you’ll stop going to physical stores and start visiting eBay and other specialized sites to track down missing pieces. Eventually, you’ll start to network with other collectors to get the really expensive pieces. But always do what feels right to you. Don’t just justify buying pieces because they are in your fandom, but decide what works best for you.

Dealing with the Collection

As you might expect, a truly massive collection requires a truly massive amount of space. There are many different ways of dealing with these collections, but most require a dedicated storage area, like those offered by Klose’s Removals Pty Ltd. A good way to deal with a sizable collection is to display the rarest (or coolest) pieces in your home while putting the bulk of the more common items in storage.

You can rotate pieces in and out as you like without having to give up entire rooms to your hobby. Get creative! This is your fandom, show your love for it as you see fit. Having a giant nerd collection can be a great thing and one that shows our love for your chosen fandom.

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