Fancy Lightsaber Silverware For The Fancy Star Wars Fan


Lightsaber Silverware

ThinkGeek is here with a different iteration of the lightsaber: as silverware. Holidays are in the horizon  and guests will pile up soon, So it is the right time to take out your inner fancy geek and show your guests what you made of.

Make every meal a little bit more more civilized with this set of 3 utensils featuring lightsaber handles. The fork features Luke’s lightsaber hilt, the spoon features Yoda’s, and the knife features Vader’s. We were pondering whether the choice of implements for the characters indicated anything, like the knife is there to tear things apart, but we couldn’t really make any connections. Except that Yoda’s really old. He probably likes pudding. Pistachio.

Note: These are the hilts only. They do not light up. They are not “actual” lightsabers. This is for the best. It’d be hard to use a fork that cut things every time you went to skewer it. And imagine trying to eat ice cream with a lightsaber spoon…

Lightsaber Silverware


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