Fans Made Mad Max World in Real Life

Mad Max World

There are Mad Max ​fans who are devoted to their cause to create a world without order and this group of people actually achieved that level of anarchy which is shown in the movies. They waited 30 years for ​Mad Max: Fury Road, ​the long-awaited follow-up in the movie series, and they loved every minute. Over the weekend, fans at the Wasteland festival in California, devoted to “post-apocalyptic entertainment,” showed up in their best ​Mad Max ​gear and recreated sets from the films, from the Thunderdome to rigs designed for death. And, naturally, they posted photos to Instagram.

#wastelandweekend #wastelandweekend2015 #wasteland #postapocalypse #

A photo posted by Zachary J Fish (@zach_the_fish) on

#wastelandweekend #immortanjosephine

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Fang it #wastelandweekend #crisiswear #missmonster

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Warboy rig, complete with blood bag Max. #wastelandweekend #madmax #warboys #bloodbag #postapocalyptic #furyroad

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I already have the #wastelandweekend blues! Take me back!!

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This is so cool! Built by Paul Miller and Michael Orr with a band of amazing people #wastelandweekend #wastelandweekend2015

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