Fantasy Adventure Series THE WHEEL OF TIME Epic Full Trailer


Amazon Studios has revealed the full trailer for the upcoming epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time, and the trailer is revealed in a 360 experience. The trailer is incredible! This is going to be an unbelievable series! Amazon went all out to produce this story to life and they did it just right! I just love the creature designs!

The Wheel of Time is based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy novels. The story is set in a sprawling, epic world “where magic exists and only certain women are allowed to access it.” Rosamund Pike stars as Moiraine, “a member of the incredibly powerful all-female organization called the Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small town of Two Rivers. There, she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young men and women, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn, who will either save or destroy humanity.”

The series also stars Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor, Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara, Zoë Robins as Nynaeve, Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche, Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon, Madeleine Madden as Egwene Al’Vere, Kae Alexander as Min Farshaw, Miguel Alvarez as King of Ghealdan, Naana Agyei Ampadu as Danya, Daniel Henney as al’Lan Mandragoran, Michael McElhatton as Tam Al’Thor, and more.

The first 3 episodes of The Wheel of Time will air on Amazon Prime on Friday, November 19th. New episodes will air every Friday for the next month, with the season finale coming out on December 24th.

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