Fantasy Foot Ball League: Everything You Need To Know

Fantasy Foot Ball League

Over the last decades, people have been more creative. With pop culture making its way to sports, who would have imagined that virtual football leagues would be possible? But the fun does not end there.

People have engaged in “fantasy” football leagues. Believe it or not, it may seem like a crazy way to play the sport. The excitement comes from the idea of building and creating a team of master football players of your choice–without them knowing. If you wonder about fantasy football tips and how it works, continue reading and discover the other peculiar football world.


What Is Fantasy Football?

The first question that you could ask yourself might be, what makes fantasy football bizarre? It is the concept of presumptively putting up a group from various opposing teams.

Putting things simpler, you make a virtual list of real NFL or National Football League players in a fantasy football game. You then compete with others’ rosters and score points based on the players’ statistics and performance in an actual football game.


How It Started

Even before entering the digital era, the thought of tracking player stats and data through paper and pen was relevant in the 50s. When the 90s came, internet websites opened themselves for leagues, but Yahoo was the first to host free ones.

With how the game works, it might seem like a gambling activity. But in 2002, NFL discovered that fantasy football increased their viewers and promotions. Since 2006, fantasy sports have been exempted from online gambling.


Its League Types And Format

When you play fantasy football, there are different types and formats of leagues that you should know. It will guide you in your play, especially if you are an aspiring owner.


There are three usual league types in fantasy football. The list below shows some of the common d types you can encounter.

  1. Redraft– The first type is redraft. The system is simple: you draft a new team yearly.
  2. Keeper– This fantasy football type lets you maintain your players every season. Every owner can keep at least three players from their roster from the past year.
  3. Dynasty– It is also possible to keep your entire team, rather than only a few ones. In the dynasty type, younger players are more valued because they can play more in the following years.



A league format determines the game’s system and how team owners will play. Below are some formats in fantasy football.

  1. Head-to-head– This format is easy to understand. Two owners will oppose each other weekly, and the group with the highest score wins. At the end of the season, winning teams will join the playoffs.
  2. Roto– In this format, leagues take hold of their scoring system. A set of statistical categories will be custom-made, and every category has equivalent points. The team with the highest scores will be determined when the points are added up. But, this format is rarely used in fantasy football.
  3. Best Ball– The highest position scorers are automatically put in the game weekly in this format.
  4. Points Only– This format is seldom or not used in the fantasy football world. There’s no weekly game. Total scores at the end of the season matter.


How Is It Played?

If you want to participate in a season-long fantasy football league, enter the playing field by registering first on websites. Once you do, you will be officially called a team owner.

Before the season starts, you will join a draft pick together with 10 to 12 different owners. It is the time when you must smartly strategize which player to choose. If you did not get the player you want, don’t fret because you can still trade and drop people from your team as the season runs.

During the regular weeks of the season, you form a subgroup in your team, which you call the starters. Assign who will be the defense, quarterback, receivers, tight end, and kicker. The subset you formed will play against other owners’ starters.

How Scoring Works

The points will come from your players’ statistics during the game.

It counts touchdowns, yards, interceptions, field goals, etc. There are three primary ways to count scores in a fantasy football league. They are as follows:

  • Individual Defensive Player (IDP)
  • Standard Scoring System
  • Points Per Reception (PPR)

Scores will be calculated by the end of the week, and the team with the most ones shall taste the sweetness of victory.

Fantasy football has taken sports to the next level. It brought popularity, reach, and enthusiasm to fans. This game surely brings out the fun and craziness of people as it offers a fresher way of enjoying football.


If you want to be a successful owner, remember that you need to risk and think out of the box. Challenge yourself every year and continue to find your winning strategies!





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