Fashion-Forward Tech for Fall 

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge

From stylish gadgets indistinguishable from fine jewelry to fitness trackers that look like heirloom accessories and chic-yet-masculine smartwatches men actually want to wear, there’s no shortage of modish technology on the market. Women are the consumers really cleaning up in this arena but the companies currently cornering the market in tech that looks as good as it functions are promising men are next in line. This is truly a wonderful time to take your tech to the next echelon because it won’t be long before single-use open-carry gadgets are a thing of the past. Today’s technology needs to do double-duty, and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

For now, here are five must-have gadgets and accessories to pick up this autumn:

A Bag with Power

Chicago fashion designers 1154 Lill St. and Laudi Vidni had a hand in creating the Everpurse, which comes as a stylish leather or luxury fabric clutch. The secret? A built-in charging dock that is refreshed wirelessly every time you drop it onto its charging mat. The current Everpurse line is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S and 5, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, but a new season of bags will be debuting soon.

Some Sci-Fi Headphones

Wired or Bluetooth-enabled are the only two ways headphones have been described until Carl Thomas came along and changed the game. With backing from Richard Branson and the Virgin startup team he created Audiowings, Internet-enabled smart headphones that let you listen to all your streaming audio anywhere with no wires or even phone necessary. Audiowings also gamify the listening experience with a built-in location positioning app and an accelerometer. Production should start in November so stay tuned.

A Phone with Dangerous Curves

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is essentially the Note 4 but with a hot twist. The screen curves seamlessly along the edge of the design, pushing the boundaries of display technology. Sudden second screen? Sign us up. Apps, alerts, functions and more are accessible with a thumb swipe when the cover is closed. And notifications no longer butt in on other more enjoyable mobile experiences, instead showing up on the edge leaving games, videos and browsing on the full HD screen undisturbed. Or get your messages with your Ferragamo case completely closed. Form and function meet here in a device that lets you stay connected without quite so much staring at a screen.

Bling that Can Ring

Quality time with the people we care about is sometimes anything but screen-free. The nanny might call (or worse, the boss) so we chat through lunch dates with phones reluctantly left on tables. Ringly is a stylish answer to a modern conundrum: how to disconnect without shirking one’s responsibilities. It’s a statement ring and smart ring in one pretty package that’s perfect for in-demand employees, moms and anyone who needs to stay connected at all times. Got a call, text or notification? Ringly will vibrate unobtrusively. It can even buzz to remind you of important appointments. Gents are out of luck for now but not for long – a Ringly for men is coming soon.

And a Matching Smart Bracelet

The sapphire display and semiprecious gems in Intel’s MICA (aka My Intelligent Communication Accessory) hide a sexy secret – a curved touchscreen display that shows SMS messages, calendar and meeting reminders plus other notifications. Most wonderful of all is the fact that two-way wireless data communication negates the need for a connecting device. Put on the MICA, which will be priced at under $1,000, and you can leave the phone at home.

Earlier this season, wearables stole center stage at Europe’s biggest electronics show, IFA 2014. No surprise there. So what gadgets and gear will you be wearing this fall?

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