Fashion Marketing: Taking Your Website a Step Ahead of the Competition

Fashion Marketing

Have you ever wondered why models take to the runway to show all the latest in high end designer fashions? Of course it is their job, but why are they there in the first place? Why would anyone hire a model to walk down a runway in front of maybe a few thousand people, at best, to sell clothing when it is possible to reach hundreds of millions of people in print or digital communications? The answer to that question is really very important and once you understand why fashion shows are such a success, it is possible to use the very same techniques to make a fashion website a huge success.

Reaching a Targeted Audience

Perhaps the main reason why fashion shows are such a success is because the audience is highly targeted. Most are by invitation only or seats sold at an exorbitant price. The house is full of buyers from high street shops, fashion journalists, photo journalists and of course, an assortment of celebrities who have the wherewithal to spend a small fortune on those fashions, those designer originals. Keep this concept in mind when developing a fashion website. What is your target audience and how do you get them to land on your site?

Rule #1: Keep Your Target Audience Focused

We have all heard the saying, “She’s pretty as a picture.” There is nothing as inspiring as a picture of a lovely woman in clothes that complement her natural good looks. How many fashion websites have you seen where there are just stock pictures of the clothing being sold on that site? Sometimes it’s a photo of a shirt still in the packaging and other times it is a pair of socks that seem to be standing on their own in the absence of feet and legs. If you want to sell fashions, use professional models and a specialised photographer of the calibre you would find at London’s own Fashot that specialises in the fashion industry. Whether you decide to shoot videos or stills, pretty models sell clothing, it’s just that simple.

Rule #2: The “Pretty as a Picture” Rule Using Live Models

Now you have followed the first rule and identified your target audience. You have further found a specialized fashion photographer to shoot ‘Pretty as a Picture’ models, but how can you send invitations if you are operating an online fashion business? The key to that is in effective use of online marketing. Everything from paid adverts to SEO, email marketing and social media must be designed to capture that targeted audience. There are marketing companies out there that specialize in finding triggers that will draw your target audience in so think of those triggers as your invitations.

Rule #3: Use Marketing as an Invitation to Attend Your Showing.

So you see, the principles are the same, it’s just how you employ them. If you want to operate a successful fashion website, run it just as you would a live show during Fashion Week. Decide who you want to invite that has the power to buy (or promote!) your designs, strategically ‘invite’ them and finally make it worth their effort with fashions that are ‘pretty as a picture.’ You’ll come up a winner every time.


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