Feline One Swiss Streetfighter Bike Unveiled

Feline One

The Feline One will be available to purchase next year and is priced from $280,000 and is equipped with a 801cc, 3-cylinder, 170 horsepower bespoke streetfighter.

The futuristic looking Feline One bike is constructed from exotic materials and fitted with a custom twin-shock anti-dive front end suspension. Only 50 Feline One bikes will be built and the starting price of $280,000 allows you to place your name on the waiting list reserving your unit when production starts next year.

The bikes frame is constructed from titanium and the front fork unit and swing are constructed from carbon fibre. The bikes wheel rims are also constructed from carbon fibre and the shock absorber system will be electronically controlled says designer Galle. The finished weight of the bike is roughly 155 kg or 342lb and the 801cc inline triple engine is expected to produce around 170 hp.

Source: Gizmag  : Feline Motorcycles

Feline One

Feline One

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