FINAL FANTASY 15 PC Demo Is Here Now!


PC players can now finally play Final Fantasy XV as Square Enix filled their promise to release a demo for the upcoming Windows Edition of the game and the demo is available now, you can download and enjoy the game today.

Preview of the game on PC is available from multiple channels as players can access it through Steam, Origin, and the Microsoft Store. Square Enix didn’t reveal how much gaming content will be available in the demo, and the opening main quests. You need to check your PC if it will be able to play the game smoothly.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will be released on March 6 and will contain the base game and all DLC expansions available. Windows edition will add an expanded map focused around the ruins of Insomnia City, where players can go on many new side quests and confront new foes in the form of Cerberus and Omega.

Moreover, a new accessory is included that lets players activate “Armiger Unleashed”, which is a new experience that lets players propel new strong attacks. Lastly, gamers who purchase the game on May 1, will receive a Half Life/Final Fantasy XV crossover content that allows players to dress as Gordon Freeman with the iconic crowbar in hand. Check out the full details of Windows Edition of the game here.


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