Final Pictures of Top Gear Season 22

Top Gear Season 22

Head this way for the final pictures of Jeremy, Richard and James wrap up an era of Top Gear. I was watching the show for the past 8 years and every season and every episode is like a festival for me. Now, sadly that chapter is closed and I still can’t believe it that I won’t be seeing another season in the winter or a Christmas special Top Gear episode.. This is just not so Christmasy.

The final episode of Series 22. Classic cars, Leisure Stig, cheap SUVS and a lot of mud. As the most perceptive among you may have noticed, this wasn’t any old series end, but a rather bigger moment than that: a chapter-break in the history of the most popular car show on the planet.

Back in March, the BBC announced that it had no plans to renew Clarkson’s contract following an investigation into his physical assault on producer Oisin Tymon. The show will return without Clarkson in 2016, but the support for the displaced host, despite the assault incident, has been overwhelming, and was made clear again on social media following his last show.

Read the internet’s reaction to the final episode and have a browse through our gallery of behind-the-scenes photos below. So, as Top Gear enters a new chapter, let us know your thoughts on tonight’s show, and indeed your favourite moments from 170-odd episodes of original motoring silliness and what is about to come your way… Chris Evans that is, and not even the Chris Evans you are thinking about. Click here to read more.

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