Where To Find All of GTA V’s Secret Peyote Plants

Where To Find All of GTA V's Secret Peyote Plants

Hidden across all of Los Santos are Peyote Plants which is a secret drug that let your GTA V character do wild, funny things. There are twenty seven of them, If you are looking for them you can find them all here in this brilliant infographic by GTA Forums poster DuPz0r. Image is huge so it can pin point every location in detail, So be patient with it.

Where To Find All of GTA V's Secret Peyote Plants

Now let’s talk about the peyote plants in GTA V. If you find one and use it, your character will get high and the game will temporarily transform you into an animal. You can turn into all sorts of things, from a chicken, to a mountain lion. Sometimes, these animals even have special abilities—the seagull can poop on things, for example.

You can see this animal hallucination action in this video by taltigol:

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