First 3D Camera For Kids

First 3D Camera For Kids

Imaging company DXG has introduced and launched kid-friendly 3D point-and -shoot digital camera, the DXG-018. When you will buy this camera you will not only get the camera but you will get a package which will include three 3D viewers and a USB cable. The camera is featured with two lenses, an SD card slot, AA battery operation and a 1.44” rear LCD screen. The 3D viewers which are provided with this camera help to experience your 3D photos. These viewers actually require you to print out a 3D capture and then place printed image under viewer to see a 3D photo.

This camera is available at a reasonable price of $69.99. DXG is offering camera in different colors that cater the needs of both boys and girls. These colors include orange, lavender, yellow, green and pink. This camera may not produce very fine 3D images as you can’t show captured images on a 3D TV or 3D display but still it is a good camera from kids’ point of view.


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