First Drunk Parents Photo is Here, Starring Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek

Drunk Parents

Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek is starring in Drunk Parents and first photo from the movie is released, This new comedy looks promising and I love the stars of the show cannot wait to see the trailer. Also starring Jim Gaffigan, Joe Manganiello, Bridget Moynahan and Ben Platt, from a screenplay by Wolf and Peter Gaulke.

Baldwin and Hayek as the Teagartens. They are not only drunk with love for their daughter, but also literally drunk the night after dropping her off at college, leading to a bad decision, a kidnapping, and a serious case of mistaken identity. Simultaneously moving and uproariously funny, Drunk Parents becomes a “riches-to-rags-and-trying-to-stay-out-of-jail-while-hoping-your-superficial-friends-don’t-find-out” story of discovering who you really are when you’re at your worst.

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