First Official JAWS Costume Mask

 JAWS official mask

This is the first officially-licensed shark mask for Steven Spielberg’s classic 1976 film Jaws, it is kind of gory and disturbing and if you still want it you can have it for $79.99 and you can buy the mask here.

This mask was designed and sculpted by Mikey Rottela, and it awesomely captures the shark’s final scene in the movie. It includes the scuba tank that was shot to blow up the shark. You can also see part of Quint’s hand in its mouth.

Every detail of Bruce in the closing scene is captured in this amazing likeness, including the tank that Brody shoots and the remains of Quint’s hand. This mask fits perfectly due to the foam filling on the inside, which lines your eyes perfectly with the eye cutouts in Bruce’s mouth. So get yourself a Jaws Bruce The Shark Mask and be the ultimate land shark.

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