First Photos Of Gorgeous Ataribox!


Today, the company revealed the first images of the Ataribox console.

Atari sent the photos to those who signed up for updates on the Ataribox site. The new console is inspired by the Atari 2600, the design is a stunning modern reboot of that console. It holds the woodgrain front, the non-boxy design that slopes upward in the back, and the horizontal lines. You almost want to start looking for Difficulty A/B switches somewhere in the back.

The back is the only part of the Ataribox that gives away what decade it was created in. There are USB ports for controllers and other gear, an SD card slot, an HDMI output for connecting to a TV, an Ethernet jack, and of course a power socket.

Probably the coolest upgrade from the Atari 2600 of yore is the illuminated Atari logo in front. On the wood version it’s colored white, but on the black, it’s red.

Atari promises the new console will have “modern” specs, and that the Ataribox will play up both classic content as well as more current games. Atari didn’t reveal much information on specs, games, features, price, and release date would come later.

Ataribox Ataribox Ataribox

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