Fisheye Smartphone Lens by instaLens

Fisheye Smartphone Lens by instaLens

Have you ever wondered what the world around you would look like from inside a fish bowl? well, we can tell you with a certain degree of authority – pretty damn cool.

180 degrees of rounded, bubble-shaped wide-angle view may not sound particularly flattering, but trust us – your dog has never looked cuter, your bedroom is suddenly a whole new level of cool, and your friends will soon enough be begging you to bring your instaLens fisheye along for the ride on every night out. the instaLens fisheye takes group shots, selfies and beautiful landscape captures to a whole new, albeit slightly fishy, level.

Soon enough you’ll be choosing to live your life in your own little instaLens bubble, ‘cause anything else seems downright boring after you take your first fisheye’d peek at the world around you.

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