Five Inventions That Have Improved The Nursing Routine


Check out the five best inventions are that help nurses get rid of unimportant routine, eliminate any risks with the drugs and equipment and improve diagnosing process.

Five things that have improved the lives of the nurses

We have been watching the development of various gadgets and technologies that have helped us live a better life. If you are nursing and you don’t use these things, you are probably totally exhausted at the end of your working day. We all tend to simplify our daily routine and make it more fun or even get rid of it. For example, if there are some things that we do automatically every day and especially at the same time of day or night, then we can easily design a solution that could do the same thing without your personal concern.

A new way of communication

If you think of the past days when there were no mobile phones or even pagers, you would think that nursing was the hardest job ever. If you are a newbie in this niche, then you won’t have anything to compare. Let’s try to come back to the years when there were only pagers. If you urgently need to call a doctor that is somewhere but not near you or you urgently need something or someone to save somebody’s life. Now you can easily use your mobile device together with several ways of connection.

You need one pocket to put your phone in and you can get into any part of the hospital being sure in the fact that everyone will be able to get in touch with you in a moment or so. Your patients can and you an alarm by hitting a button that you will receive onto your phone. You will also have different applications that will help you cover various channels of communication.

A new way of delegating tasks

If we take a look at the work of a nurse twenty or thirty years ago, you will notice a lot of paperwork. What’s the sense in spending so much time writing down everything? There were no computers everywhere. There wasn’t internet connection available for every doctor and nurse. But what do we have now? You start delegating all the paper routine either to someone or to something. For example, most of the students get nursing essay help when studying at a college.

It’s good to look for the ways to automate some daily routine or get rid of lots of writing tasks. If you need to make notes, you can simply use your voice and dictate something. Start doing it from the first day of your college life to get used to focusing on the important issues. What kind of value can you present at work if you are all the time busy with writing? Just think of it.

A new way of tracking drugs & equipment

Imagine the world that is not controlled anyhow. There are tons of drugs and you have nothing that will help you track their location and transition. The invention of the GPS tracking lets the hospital staff see the movements of every drug item. If you start working as a nurse and you notice that one item is missing, what will you do in this case? How will you check where it is? The positive side of the invention here is that tracking is fully automated, so you don’t need to worry about the human factor anymore.

The role of the nurse in an average hospital of the country is greatly important. But focusing on the ordering of the equipment or even at its location in the right place of the hospital can make any person mad. Just imagine twenty equipment items that you will have to supervise and know where they are located. You have a mobile phone and you can see the location by simply tapping on the screen. Easy as a pie.

A new way of diagnosing

What if we told you that there were only invasive ways of diagnosing different diseases? And what if we told you that the latest inventions help doctors and nurses make any procedure comfortable and fast? The new ways include the body exam plus various manipulations that can be conducted by a nurse. Of course, complicated operations are backed up with one more or several experts. But you don’t even have to take anything in your hands when you need to get some blood from a person.

The absence of human factor when taking blood for examining is great not only for the patient but also for maximizing the truth of results. There’s no risk to make it painful and there’s no risk to make any kind of mistake that was present ten or twenty years ago. The role of machines is great when diagnosing and it doesn’t eliminate the importance of the nursing profession. It just gets you rid of routine.

A new way of drug delivery

Everyone makes mistakes, but some of them can lead to unwanted results. The latest invention in this case, is automated drug delivery to the patients. It means that you don’t have to manually calculate or identify the dosage as well as the patient won’t do this as well. Every patient will have a personal database where the doctor will simply enter the information about the drugs and sets the timetable. This invention lets nurses focus on other important routine and save them from any problems with the law.

The patient won’t be able to change the dosage anyhow. There won’t be any physical access to the drugs. You can easily control the time and the dosage of the drugs for every patient. One more concern is the delivery. How can you check that the right dosage has got into the right place? The automation of the process excludes any human factor that could ever change the route of the drug or its amount. Isn’t it great?


If we compare the working routine of the nurse that was twenty years ago and what we see now, we can come to the conclusion that technology rules the world. If you’re just planning to enter a college course and get a qualification of a nurse, just think what kind of new technology will appear in five or ten years. Or you can become the one who will invent something really unique that will change nursing routine for better.

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