Fix Your Bended iPhones With gTool

A company called gTool has been claiming that its ‘PanelPress’ will straighten out the device by applying pressure to it from the other direction using a system of rubber-padded clamps and screws.

The process initially seems quite intimidating for owners of the device wanting to rectify the widely-publicized problems. The phone has to be placed in a vice-like grip with a small support underneath it marking the bend line.

The top bolts then have to be tightened so that the phone is “unbent,” by bending it in the other direction.

Before the process takes place, however, one of the other problems that the iPhone is renowned for being susceptible to needs to be circumvented – the device’s glass screen needs to be taken out to prevent it shattering under pressure.

Once the phone has been bent back into shape, users will be free to reinstate the screen. Given, of course, that the phone hasn’t been bent in two places after the procedure.

Fix Your iPhones before they will get used in one of these internet memes for #bendgate scandal.

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