Fixing The Vehicles in Death Stranding – How to Fix and Update

Death Stranding

As you proceed through the Death Stranding by transporting cargo and other things. You will get the trike which can help you a lot in traveling around and going long distances faster and safer. But it is machinery it will be degraded as time proceeds through either Timfall or just the banging into rocks and stuff.

How do you fix vehicles in Death Stranding? No the restorative spray used for cargo won’t work on motor vehicles. This guide will add all of the details on how to fix your vehicles and how to customize them in the game.


Repair and Customize Vehicles

To fix vehicles in Death Stranding be it your vehicle or you find it you need to take it to the Safe Houses found around the game world.

Get to the Safehouse and park your vehicle on the elevator. Now there are two methods of repairing the vehicle, you can go to the delivery terminal and select “Garage” and in it, you can see the transport you parked in the elevator.

Pick it and store the vehicle into the garage. After a short time, your vehicle will come back to its mint condition. The other way is to go to the vehicle while it was parked and select the rest in your private room option. The vehicle will go down to be repaired and after a short time, the vehicle will come back as good as new.

You can do the ustomization of a vehicle in Death Stranding as well. In Episode 3 by the time you have made enough deliveries that you get a 3-star level on the distribution center which is located south of Lake Knot City, you will open some colors and some other things.

There will be 8 or o and you can change the color of your vehicle with the newly unlocked colors. If you want more colors on top of these then do more deliveries to acquire another star connection level for the very distribution center and then you will get more colors.

Take your vehicle to any Safehouse or distribution center and just park it on the elevator. Here you can check the menu and hit Triangle so that the color change option comes on screen. And then change it to your liking.

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