Flixed Introduces ShuffleFlix as Their Own Netflix Random Episode Button


If you like watching episodic TV shows such as FRIENDS or The I.T. Crowd, you don’t care about what order you watch the episodes. I like to put FRIENDS on while working on projects.

A few months ago, I found out that Netflix was already testing a random episode feature with some Android users, but we haven’t really heard anything more about it. Well, Flixed couldn’t wait any longer. The website that specializes in helping people get rid of cable has created two extensions for Google Chrome. A Hulu Random Episode Button and ShuffleFlix which is a Netflix Random Episode Button. Once you install the extension (at your own risk) you can choose a show and by the list of episodes that you can access will be a new shuffle button that goes to a random episode.

If you use an app to watch Netflix, you still won’t be able to access this feature. However, if you watch Netflix on a browser, you can appreciate Flixed for these extensions.

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