Flux Capacitor Watch From BACK TO THE FUTURE

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Think Geek made the Flux Capacitor watch a reality and converted it into a watch. Here’s a breakdown of how to read the time using the flashing flux lights:

Press the bottom button and then get ready to count lights. Time is divided into hours, minutes first digit, minutes second digit – so it looks confusing, but is very easy to read. (Example: 10 lights, 5 lights, 3 lights = 10:53 – and it repeats). At the same time, the time circuit LCD display will show you the date.

There’s also a “Time Travel” mode button that, when pressed, will play light animation and then display a random date. The watch is available exclusively at Think Geek and is reasonably priced at $49.99. It is a dream collectible for any BACK TO THE FUTURE  buff and I am one of them. So I will order mine now!

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Flux Capacitor Watch From BACK TO THE FUTURE

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