Flybrix Now You Can Make Drones With Lego


Flybrix is collaborating with Lego to let kids build drones using Lego bricks. Now you don’t need to use your imagination to see your Lego creations fly and it is unbreakable, When you crash you can rebuild it because it’s Lego.

The product comes from a couple of “Legomaniacs,” whose obsession with building started at MIT and Caltech. The basic kit will be $150 and the deluxe kit will be $190. After the introductory period, Flybrix’ basic kit will sell for $189 and the deluxe kit for $249.

You can order a kit today, and units will ship within six weeks. The drone connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you control it with an iOS or Google Play flight control app.

“Flying toy drones is fun, but when you can use your imagination and make your own drone from LEGO bricks and fly it – that’s an amazing thrill,” said Flybrix’s chief play Oofficer Holly Kasun, in a statement. “We embrace the trial and error process for learning because that’s where the ‘ah-ha’ breakthroughs happen. The experience of building, flying, crashing, and rebuilding as a creative way for parents, kids, and teachers to harness the power of play to learn tech and engineering’ — that’s our goal.”

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